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Alice (AD1724)

Female white and tan
Alice is very sweet, we gave her the nick named her Grumpy Alice, She grumbles and growls to express herself… She sounds like she is grumpy all the time, but she is not…She is a little shy but is always in the middle of playing with her litter mates. Alice is a happy little puppy, raised by her Mum (Zoe) and the foster Mum's two schnauzers and exposed to cats, she loves people. Alice is crate trained.
Bronco (AD1716)

Male Tan and white
Rat Terrier
The Story of Bronco The Uncatchable Dog. Until he met Daisy on Heat.!!!

Bronco's story has been documented for almost two years. In essence he belonged to no-one but was sighted by everyone in Hollister. Bronco travelled alone, roaming the streets, going to the homeless encampments. At one time he was seen with a homeless couple, who put a collar and leash on him, that did not last for long, off he went on his travels. He avoided all contact unless it was on his terms.

Hollister's Animal Shelter Officer Patterson tried to catch him without success, over time many people tried, he would have none of it. H.A.L.F. followers documented his travels from Westside, Mission Oaks, Union Road Bridge, Dunne Park, Memorial and areas of downtown Hollister. This brave little dog seemed to weather the storms and avoid the vehicles, it was amazing. He became a star in his own right, as one lady wrote his theme song was "Daddy was a Rolling Stone" Then one day in August he found a girlfriend named Daisy who was on heat. That did it, he followed Daisy home. Daisy was a Rat Terrier too, and he really liked her.

Bronco is now under the care of ACGSRescue, and will get any and all the vet care he needs, including any dental requirements on September 14th at Animal Hospital of Hollister. No more roaming the streets for this little dog, his desire to find the ladies will be cut short, so to speak.

Kevin has been working very diligently with Bronco, at first he was a handful, but is settling down somewhat. He is good with other dogs, and although he did not care for it, he now seems to accept the crate as his hideaway. Bronco needs some training to get him used to being with more humans. The Dog House Inn of Gilroy has offered to do some training with Bronco for three-four weeks, so Bronco will be meeting trainer Alex once he has recovered from his neuter.

If you would like to donate towards Bronco vet care and rehabilitation please visit our website www.allcreaturesgs.org click on the DONATE button or mail a check to ACGSRescue PO Box 904, Hollister, CA. 95024

Burt (AD1720)

Male White and tan
Burt is a very sweet and happy puppy. He is very calm and likes to give kisses. when he sits in your lap and he is always calm. He will keep up with the rest of the puppies if they are ruff housing.

He is always one the first in the carrier when we load up to go out. Burt is a happy little puppy, raised by his mom, (Zoe) and two schnauzers, has been exposed to cats but not played with them. Burt is crate trained.

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Lexi (AD1738)

Female brown and black
shepherd mix
young adultg
LEXI One 9 month old female GSD Cross

Lexi is a female GSD cross who is 9 months old. She originally came to us from Stanilaus County Animal Shelter, after roaming the streets for several months and fending for herself, she was finally picked up by shelter staff. It took sometime for Lexi to trust anyone, eventually she put her trust in one person Kathy Fielder, who really fought to save Lexi's life, as she was deemed adoptable to rescue only.

Sherry Boyer, owner of The Dog House Inn, viewed the video of before and after on Lexi and agreed she could come and be their guest. Lexi did excellent for the couple of months she was there, no issues at all, she settled in, loved being with all the dogs, great with staff and all visitors, we said it was time for her to be adopted.

Lexi was adopted, but returned three months later. Lexi is back as a guest at The Dog House Inn, Gilroy, where she is under going further training for the food aggression she has developed. If you enjoy hiking long walks or love to run Lexi will be the perfect match for you. She is crate trained, and housebroken.

LEXI IS BEST SUITED TO A COUPLE, SINGLE PERSON OR A FAMILY WITH NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 13, best as the only dog. She prefers a quieter lifestyle to a noisy home, it seems to upset her. She is a very loving young dog, who did attend basic puppy obedience classes and graduated. When adopted out we will require the new adopters to attend further advanced training at an accredited class, as she knows the trainers at The Dog House Inn, that is where her comfort level will be.

Marley (AD1675)

Marley 2yr 10 months old Maltese Bichon Male

Marley came to us via a young couple who were walking their dog in San Diego and this bedraggled heavily matted flea/tick ridden little dog followed them. That was New Year’s Eve, 2016, he has been in foster care since.

Marley loves to play, and really LOVES his toys, if you come to visit Marley and want to be his best friend, just bring him a squeaky toy, he will love you. He is crate trained, and walks very nicely on the leash, is not destructive in the home and is housebroken.

Marley likes to always see you approaching him, when picking him up he likes the gentle touch, although he has greatly improved, he just needs to trust. We have no idea of what Marley has been through. He does know his come, sit and stay. He will shine if given the opportunity to be signed up for further training in obedience classes.

Marley has been around older children, and is fine with guidance from adults who have pack leadership qualities, needs to be in a home with no toddlers or small children and possibly with someone who is works part-time. Marley needs to be the ONLY DOG in the home, (even though he can with a lot of guidance and patience get along with another small female dog), and NO CATS.

If you would like to meet Marley and feel you are qualified, he will be happy to interview you. Marley is being fostered in Gilroy.

Marvin (AD1696)

Male tricolor
Chihuahua cross
Marvin is a 5-year-old tricolored Chihuahua that came from the SJAC Shelter and needed rescue due to chronic ear infections. He is currently in a foster home in San Jose, where he lives with another big dog, and two teenagers. Marvin is very sweet and loves to be with people. Marvin had surgery to repair ear canals plus dental cleaning and teeth extractions. He is fully recovered and pronounced very healthy. Marvin is not suitable for placement in a home with young children; we are looking for an adult household or family with teens.

Marvin is housebroken, perfectly behaved in the home, will do well in a home with another small dog. His foster parents wonder why no one is looking at Marvin, "he is perfectly behaved, listens, and how he enjoys his daily walks". Marvin even went on a small dog pack walk with three other dogs; he got 10 stars that day. Marvin weighs under 10lbs.

Marvin is being fostered in CAMPBELL, CA

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Oreo (AD1688)

Male Black and white
Russell Terrier
Oreo is an adorable 5-year-old Parson Terrier mix. He came from the SJACShelter, he was a stray that was brought in with a chest wound. He is now healthy and healed. He can be a little shy, but warms up quickly, on the whole a very sweet dog; once he knows you he will jump in our lap and give you kisses. Oreo deserves a loving home where a family really cares for him. Look at that big smile. Oreo does not care for other dogs or cats, so best in a home as the only dog. Oreo weighs 15.2lbs
Oscar (AD1722)

Male White and tan
Oscar is a very happy wiggly little puppy; his tail never stops. You better hold on tight when you pick him up. He really likes his food, so watch it or he will eat his and his brothers and sisters’ portions as well. He will watch you always, and will let you know he is there. He loves people and other dogs, was raised around his Mom, (Zoe) plus the fosters two schnauzers and cats. Oscar is crate trained.
Peanut (AD1723)

Male White and tan
Peanut 15 weeks old

Peanut is part of a litter of seven puppies that were born July 25th. Zoe their Mum is a Cairn Terrier, Daddy had to have some Chihuahua in him. Peanut is a delightful little puppy, very loving, and playful as puppies are. He is so smart, he learnt his "sit" in under five minutes. Here he is sporting his new harness, that is his sister Rosie checking it out. He is crated trained, and is trying very hard to get the potty training down. Peanut will love being in a home with another small dog, he will make a wonderful family addition. Peanut has had all puppy vaccines and de-worming, rabies, neuter and microchipping is set for 1st week of December. We'd LOVE to get Peanut adopted into a loving home.

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Rosie (AD1721)

Female White and tan


Want to add some fun and joy to your home, come see our adorable little puppies who were born on July 25th. Zoe their Mum is a Cairn Terrier. Each is part of a litter of seven puppies. They are now 9 weeks old and have received first vaccines and de-worming. Very healthy, adorable well socialized little puppies, each with their own individual personalities.

(Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
Aussie Rescue SoCal, or
call 626/319-3122 Cell)

Virginia (AD1737)

Female black and white tan
Chihuahua Mix
11 years
Virginia 10-11 yr old Female Chihuahua

Virginia came to us from Hollister Animal Shelter. She had been dropped off in the night box, staff were hoping the owner might come forward to claim her, as she was such a sweet loving gentle soul. We told them she could come to us when her hold time was up. Sadly, no-one came. Virginia is in good health as per our vet, no medical issues to be concerned about, she just needs to lose a little weight, so more walks and healthy food are on the menu. She is an easy soul to care for, gets along well with other small dogs, and a rabbit in the foster home. She enjoys going on walks and fits right, plus she is housebroken. Virginia would be a wonderful companion for a couple that works and one can come home at lunch to give her a short walk or a retired couple or person. Look at those appealing eyes. Please consider adopting and giving Ms. Virginia a forever home, she deserves it.

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