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Joy (AD1741)

Female Black and white
6 years
Joy is 6 yrs young. She came to us from San Martin Animal Shelter. Her original story is one of the horrors of back yard breeders. She was confiscated along with 20 other dogs, that were being used for breeding. Joy had several litters and was not socialized except with dogs. Her life was unimaginable.

The shelter had to work with her for some months to get her used to people, A couple in their mid 50's choose to adopt her and continue working with her on her fear of new people. After two years they recently returned her to the shelter as they were moving and could not take her with them, requesting the shelter euthanize Joy. They felt Joy would not handle going into a new home.

Staff members would not do it, as they all knew what Joy had been through. Once again Joy became frightened and a little fearful in the shelter environment, and would back into a corner. Staff and volunteers began to work with Joy once more, but listed her as rescue only. Her story caught our attention and the shelter worked with us until we could find a foster home for her.

Joy is a very sweet loving little dog, and became quite playful once she was out of the shelter. Look at the happy smile on her sweet face. She is very good with other dogs and had exposure to grandchildren children, she is housebroken, enjoys going for walks and having playtime. A quiet environment is best suited for Joy. She is scheduled to have a dental cleaning on January 23rd. Joy will make a wonderful companion for a couple who are retired or for someone who works from home.

Lexi (AD1738)

Female brown and black
shepherd mix
young adult
LEXI is 1 yr old female GSD/Doberman cross

Lexi is a female GSD cross, she originally came to us from Stanilaus County Animal Shelter, after roaming the streets for several months and fending for herself, she was finally picked up by shelter staff. It took sometime for Lexi to trust anyone, eventually she put her trust in one person Kathy Fielder, who really fought to save Lexi's life, as she was deemed adoptable to rescue only.

Lexi was adopted, but returned three months later.

If you enjoy hiking long walks or love to run, Lexi will be the perfect match for you. She is crate trained, and housebroken.

LEXI IS BEST SUITED TO A COUPLE, SINGLE PERSON OR A FAMILY WITH NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 15, she is best as the only dog. She prefers a quieter lifestyle to a noisy home, it seems to upset her. She is a very loving young dog, who did attend basic puppy obedience classes and graduated. When adopted out we will require the new adopters to attend further advanced training at an accredited

Short Video: https://youtu.be/rZYWTW0dtJg

Mia (AD1749)

Female White
Wired Haired Terrier
Mia came to us via the Hollister group named H.A.L.F.

She was seen being "dumped" by a man at the Hollister Dog Park along with three other little dogs. As the kind rescuer approached one of the younger dogs laid on top of Mia, to protect her, it could have been one of her pups from her last litter. How could anyone be so cruel as to dump their dogs and walk away. All the dogs are safe and being cared for.

Mia could be anywhere from 5-9 years old. Looking at her face we feel she is more likely to be 5-6 years. Her front teeth are worn down, that could be attributed to lack of basic vet care. Mia has three good legs, the fourth leg is either a birth defect, or caused by an old injury, the vet will determine the cause of this, along with her age. It does not seem to hinder her, she walks with no problem, just a little skip now and then.

Mia is extremely sweet, she loves to cuddle, be with her person, she is good with other small dogs, and people. Mia is housebroken, does not like being in a crate, she is very content to sleep at the end of the bed. Mia weighs about 8-10lbs.

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Oreo (AD1688)

Male Black and white
Russell Terrier
Oreo is an adorable 5-year-old Parson Terrier mix. He came from the SJACShelter, he was a stray that was brought in with a chest wound. He is now healthy and healed. He can be a little shy, but warms up quickly, on the whole a very sweet dog; once he knows you he will jump in our lap and give you kisses. Oreo deserves a loving home where a family really cares for him. Look at that big smile. Oreo does not care for other dogs or cats, so best in a home as the only dog. Oreo weighs 15.2lbs
Rita (AD1752)

Female black, white, and tan
Chihuahua and Dachshund
Very new to the rescue. Rita and Ruby were surrendered to the Hollister Animal Shelter and now with ACGS. They are about 8 months old. More information to come.
Ruby (AD1755)

Female Tan and black
Terrier Mix
Ruby is very sweet and quiet. She gets along well with other dogs, however a bit cautious with adults. She needs time to warm up to new people.
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Virginia (AD1737)

Female black and white tan
Chihuahua Mix
11 years
Virginia 10-11 yr old Female Chihuahua

Virginia came to us from Hollister Animal Shelter. She had been dropped off in the night box, staff were hoping the owner might come forward to claim her, as she was such a sweet loving gentle soul. We told them she could come to us when her hold time was up. Sadly, no-one came. Virginia is in good health as per our vet, no medical issues to be concerned about, she just needs to lose a little weight, so more walks and healthy food are on the menu. She is an easy soul to care for, gets along well with other small dogs, and a rabbit in the foster home. She enjoys going on walks and fits right, plus she is housebroken. Virginia would be a wonderful companion for a couple that works and one can come home at lunch to give her a short walk or a retired couple or person. Look at those appealing eyes. Please consider adopting and giving Ms. Virginia a forever home, she deserves it.

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